Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2018

Cape Kolka KO17HR

Cape Kolka

Towers, but not for us...

Usi-Camping 6m-Shack

4m+2m on the left

KO19SF the stormy end of Estonia


Only one shack for the microwave NAC and 6m, we slept in the cars and in my little caravan
Stormy place no 10GHz from the tower
But tests from the open hut

Hiiumaa pictures from KO19GA

Another day, another QTH, DG0LFF mounting antennas again

I like such pictures...

Isnt it a nice shack?

A foggy morning, time to heat the shack with the PA

DH1DM testing 10GHz

Our trailer at Randmae Puhketalu, enough comfort for a few hours of sleep

Pictures Kihnu KO18XD

As promised a few pics now from every QTH plus some comments, starting with Kihnu-Island
We'd a lot of space @ Linaküla camp and a surprising visit from English cyclists (G7UUP+XYL)

SW and 6m-shack

The 4m/2m trailer

6m in action

All that stuff and more to put in one trailer...

Done as promised with DL7APV