Freitag, 18. Mai 2018

Expedition schedule/Informations

Tnx DH5FS for the map. As the QTH in KO17 is also confirmed now, our plans becoming more concrete.

09.06. - 10.06. Travel by ferry from Travemünde to Liepaja (no permission to operate-sri)
11.06. - 15.06. Kihnu-Island EU-178, WLOTA-0775, ESFF-079, KO18XD as ES0UG/8
15.06. - 19.06. Hiiumaa-Island, EU-034, WLOTA-2017, ESFF-045, KO19GA as ES0UG
19.06. - 20.06. Mainland ES3, KO19SF with microwave NAC, travel to YL, call(s) TBA
20.06. - 21.06. YLFF-0004, KO17HR nr Kap Kolka for one night with CEPT-calls , travel to the ferry
22.06  - 23.06. Ferry from Liepaja to Travemünde

There's no opportunity to leave comments here, if you've any questions, pse drop me a mail. No sked requests in front of the expedition pse. We'll post a few more opportunities to reach us before we get started-stay tuned.

See you in Friedrichshafen, 73s de Uwe DL3BQA/ES0UG

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