Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2018

Frequencies/Modes, how to reach us


just 2 days before we go to the ferry. So it's time to send out a few additional informations.


SW around the usual IOTA-QRGs
6m MSK144 50280/283, FT8 on 50313, if the band really opens we switch to 50183 +/- qrm
4m 70154 FT8, MSK144 70175 , if the band really opens we switch to 70165/70200
2m MSK144 144370/373, FT8 144174, CW/SSB on request or if tropo/ES is available, EME TBA
70cm and 3cm on request/TBA

MSK144/FT8 always 1st to avoid QRM between our stations. 

How to reach us:

1. Look out out for ES0UG or OP-calls in the ON4KST-chat
2. Try sh/user in DB0SUE-7 and use the talk function if you see one of us
3. Send SMS to +49/1637978993 or +4971781357599 -no Whatsapp, no Facebook!

If you've any further questions, pse drop me a mail.

73s de Uwe DL3BQA

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