Sonntag, 24. Juni 2018

Back at home, short info from KO17, Logsearch available

Hi again,

yesterday we came back from our 2018 tour through the Baltic area. At least we'd a stay at Cape Kolka from the 20th to the 21st of June. There we operated as YL/homecall and had around 200 QSOs, mostly on the VHF-bands. Interest, especially on 4mtrs, was even high. After we left Kolka we visited the town of Ventspils for a few hours before we went to Liepaja again. There we'd heavy rain and could not do any sightseeing. So we went to the harbour and left Latvia at the morning of the 22nd. At least we came back safe with only a few damages and trouble with the equipment.
All the ES0UG-logs are now published on clublog. OQRS is not opened yet, we'll decide this later- at 1st we've to design and print the QSLs for the approximately 3500 QSOs. If you find any bugs in the logs or you can't find your QSO, pse drop me a mail.
What can you expect next? If I can find the time and all pictures are collected, you'll find a few fotografs from the 4 QTHs and the trip here. All infornations concerning QSLing will be published here too. So stay tuned, 73 de Uwe DL3BQA

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