Freitag, 15. Juni 2018

ES0UG/8 finished on the way to Hiiumaa-Isl. EU-034 as ES0UG

Hi out there,

we're just sitting on the ferry to the next island. We'll arrive on Hiiumaa this evening and antennas should be erected as soon as possible.
Nice results on Kihnu, not all logs uploaded to clublog yet but around 2000 QSOs made on SW, 6m, 4m, 2m and 70cm. Highlights were the EME-QSOs on 70cm (DL7APV) and on 2m with 4 big guns.
Not really conds on 6m, so 70 QSOs with MSK144 and FT8 plus about  3 dozens of QSOs after hard work and station improvement on 4mtrs. Some MS-QSOs on 2m also, but only a few via tropo. Good activity in the 70cm NAC with 30 QSOs.
On SW main activity was on 20+40m SSB, with some FT8+CW on other bands too. Was really shocked to see that we got more response after spotting a WFF-number than after spotting the IOTA reference only. Bad to see that some people called several times after every WFF spot... But that's another discussion, to open after the end of this expedition.
For all, now we're going to EU-034, Hiiumaa-Isl. with ESFF-045 and WLOTA 2017 for the next 4 nights. Main activity will be on 6/4/2m with some microwave and 70cm too if needed. We'll take part in the IARU-6m+4m Contest as Multi-OP under ES0UG. Let's pray for some ES-clouds
Pictures will follow and the last logs for ES0UG/8 will be uploaded soon. More to follow, 73s for now, 73s de Uwe DL3BQA

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